Bicycle routes in Kemeri and Kemeri National Park

Kemeri is a part of a Jurmala City - a very special part. It is like a town enclosed in primeval nature. There are lots of roads, paths and tracks in Kemeri vicinity- both in the town and in nearby forests. If you feel that You will not get lost - feel free to explore them, however we will be happy to provide your with a free map  .

Hereby we offer you a choice of routes described below. Please note that these routes are not marked and you will have to find your way on your own. However there routes are not really complex- we are sure You will manage! For some longer routes a map that you can get for free in kase you choose to rent our bicycles can be handy.

If you desire, there is no really need to come back to the starting point- you may leave the rented bicycle at other our bicycle rent stations or with our partners in Jurmala (Jaunkemeri, Bulduri and Melluzi) or Riga.

All routes presumably start at Kemeri railway station where the bicycle rent is (coordinates: X: 310667, Y: 468942; link to a map - here). Please see bicycle route descriptions for Kemeri and Kemeri National Park below:

1 Uz Lielā Ķemeru tīreļa laipu (8 km +3 km kājām)
2 Ķemeri - Jaunķemeri - Bigauņciems - Lapmežciems - Antiņciems - Ķemeri (21 km)
3 Zaļās kāpas lielais aplis (~24 km)
4 Ķemeri - Antiņciems - Lapmežciems - Bigauņciems - Jaunķemeri - Ķemeri (21 km)
5 Zaļās kāpas mazais aplis (~13 km)
6 Lilijas ezers (amp. 14 km)
7 Kemeri town and the Sanatorium park (3,5 - 7+ km)
8 Jaunķemeru pludmale un Kauguri (13 - 20 km)
9 Slokas ezers- sēravoti un Vecslocenes dumbrājs (9 - 12 km)
10 Ķemeri - Kaņiera pilskalns - Ķemeri (~17 km + ~1 km kājām )
11 Zaļā kāpa - Kaņiera pilskalns - Lapmečiems - Jaunķemeri - Ķemeri (~27 km + ~1 km kājām )

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