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You can get to Kemeri in many ways and good news are- also by public transport.

By the train:

If you travel from Riga, Jurmala or Tukums, the train is probably the most convenient way of getting to Kemeri - just take a train heading for Tukums (that's direction of Jurmala, if you trafel from Riga just a little further) and go to train stop "Ķemeri". Please consult Latvijas Dzelzceļš or this webpage (in English; opens in new window) for the train schedule.

Please note that trains to Tukums are not going that often, so another option (not however recommended for foreigners) is to travel via Sloka by taking a train or micro-bus (from Riga only) to Sloka and then continuing with a bus or micro-bus (see below).


By the bus or micro-bus:

You can use Jurmala city bus route No.6 to go to Kemeri from Sloka. It leaves from Sloka bus station (just across the railway), left from shopping center "Liedags", approx. 3-4 minute walk from the train. You can find the schedule of bus No.6 here. Getting to Sloka is by taking the train (consult Latvijas Dzelzceļš or this webpage for the train schedule) or micro-bus (from Riga only).

Better option is to get to Kemeri from Bulduri (Jurmala city), where a micro-bus No.10 to Kemeri goes via Dzintari, Majori, Dubulti and Kauguri. You can find the schedule of bus No.10 here. Getting to Bulduri is fast and easy by the train (direction- Tukums/Jurmala; consult Latvijas Dzelzceļš or this webpage for the train schedule).


By your own car:

You can reach Kemeri as by going via Jurmala (must pay an entrance fee to the city) as well as by taking route A10 (E22) to Ventspils. There is plenty of space at Kemeri railway station to park your car and the parking is free.


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