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Bicycle rent in Riga is available all the year around upon prior reservation.

During the summer season- from April till September we offer bicycle rent from a one-day ride up to a few-weeks long-term bicycle rent for your vacation time. For hotel guests there is an option to deliver the bicycle to your hotel.

Please check out our offer of guided bicycle tours around Riga center and Pardaugava- the opposite side of the river.

You are also welcome to use our bicycle rent services in Jurmala, Bulduri and Kemeri National Park!

Please, call us (+371) 29239273 for more information!


Useful Latvian phrases

Hi! - Sveiki! [sveiki]

Please - Lūdzu [lu:dzu]

Thank (you)! - Paldies! [paldies]

How much.. - Cik.. [tsik]

How much does it cost? - Cik tas maksā? [tsik tas maksa:]

Where is.. - Kur ir.. [kur ir]

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