Bicycle routes in Kemeri National Park starting at Jaunkemeri

Kemeri National Park is spacious NATURA 2000 Nature Protected Area laying over 38 000 hectares (94 000 acres). It was established to protect numerous unique nature, cultural and historical values and we believe that a bicycle is the best way to explore them.

Please note that routes are not marked, however by having a map that you will ged for free with your rented bicycles, you will not get lost.

We advise you to think of hiring a guide and in case you wish to do so, please call us (+371 29239273) a few days in advance.

Is is presumed that all bicycle routes described below start ar restourant "Neptuns" (coordinates: x(N): 314711.56, y(E): 473078.33), where a bicycle rent is located.

1 Uz Lielā Ķemeru tīreļa laipu (18 km +2-3 km kājām)
2 Jaunķemeri - Bigauņciems - Lapmežciems - Antiņciems - Ķemeri - Jaunķemeri (21 km)
3 Jaunķemeri - Ķemeri - Antiņciems - Lapmežciems - Bigauņciems - Jaunķemeri (21 km)
4 Zaļās kāpas lielais aplis (25 km)
5 Ķemeru pilsēta un sanatorijas parks (12 - 14 km)
6 Uz Kaņiera pilskalnu (~23 km + ~1 km kājām )

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