Bike hire and tours in Bulduri - information and reservations
Bicycle rent operator

Railway station "Bulduri"
Jurmala city

Mobile Phone Number: +371 28687378

Information: Operating hours: during summer (June-August) daily from 10:00-20:00 (10 AM - 8 PM).

Please make a reservation in advance if you need a guide or are larger group.


Useful Latvian phrases

Hi! - Sveiki! [sveiki]

Please - Lūdzu [lu:dzu]

Thank (you)! - Paldies! [paldies]

How much.. - Cik.. [tsik]

How much does it cost? - Cik tas maksā? [tsik tas maksa:]

Where is.. - Kur ir.. [kur ir]

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