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We have bicycles of frame sizes raging from 16 to 22 inches with both- high and low frames (for men and women respectively). We also offer rent of smaller size bicycles for teenagers and kids.

All our bicycles are fitted with front suspension thus providing convenient and enjoyable ride.

Bicycles are fitted with mudguards, which, especially rear mudguard, helps to retain you cloth clean even when driving in wet road conditions or in nature.

Pool of bicycles for rent

In addition all bicycles are equipped with a safety chain and a lock that greatly helps to reduce risk of a bicycle theft.

Bicycles that we offer for rent are also fitted with a bottle holder. In addition to that when making a reservation for a group or on a hot summer day, we will be glad to provide you with a bottled a drinking water or other soft drink upon your request.

Rental bikes foth bottle holders

Some bicycles are fit with a seat with additional suspension as well as with rear rack at no extra cost.

Bicycles fitted with computers are also available.

Any bicycle can be fitted with a safe and comfortable child seat that comes in a combination with a child helmet, allowing your kid enjoy the ride greatly and safely. Children seats (+helmets) are available for rent without bicycles as well, so you can fit then on your own.

We also offer rent of helmets for adults.

Please, have a look at a price of our bike rental service, routes we offer, and do not hecitate to contact us! Please, consider having a look on our bike tours as well!


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