Bicycle routes

Bicycle routeWe offer you a number of bicycle routes to choose from in Latvia- in Riga, in Jurmala and in nature protected areas.

We will be happy o assist you in choosing the best, most appropriate, route for your ride. In addition we can compile a route especially for you or your event by combining the existing routes or elaborating a new one.

Please note that there are more routes available for guided bicycle tours, however you may also choose to take a guide on the regular routes listed below.

Useful Latvian phrases

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Please - Lūdzu [lu:dzu]

Thank (you)! - Paldies! [paldies]

How much.. - Cik.. [tsik]

How much does it cost? - Cik tas maksā? [tsik tas maksa:]

Where is.. - Kur ir.. [kur ir]

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